About the Climate Resilient City Toolbox

The Climate Resilient City Toolbox (https://crctool.org, https/kbstoolbox.nl) can be used to explore which adaptation measures can better protect a neighborhood, , site or street against flooding, drought and extreme heat. The tool is primarily designed for use in sessions with stakeholders and experts from different backgrounds. A joint answer is formulated to the question of how a site or area can be made more climate resilient. With what measures? Which measures are effective? And where is space for it? The toolbox offers a common knowledge base for the (risk) dialogue between all those involved in the area design.

If during the early planning phase, it is necessary to explore with various stakeholders where which adaptation measures can be taken and how effective this is, the CRC Toolbox can be deployed. Consider, for example, use as part of the risk dialogue. However, the toolbox can also be used to explore possible measures for a project area. For example, with the CRC Toolbox, various plan alternatives (scenarios) can be quickly drawn up, compared with each other and compared with previously set adaptation goals.

The CRC Toolbox contains 40 adaptation measures from which users can choose. The information in the CRC Toolbox is based on proven properties and performance of the measures, tailored to the Dutch climate, and with unit prices for construction and the costs of management and maintenance. A spatial reservation for flood defenses can also be included in the package of measures as protection against flooding.

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